Income Tax Resolution

Author: Tax Resolution Attorney Gwin, PLLC |

Every new year is also the beginning of a new tax season. It is time to assess last year’s personal and business income before it is too late.  Albert Einstein, the physicist, is quoted as saying, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

At its core, the Internal Revenue Code defines gross income as all income from whatever source derived and includes, among other things, compensation for services, I.R.C., Statutes, Section 61. Getting the dreaded letter from the IRS can be paralyzing and embarrassing. It can happen to anyone and it can happen so easily. The Liberis Law Firm is here to help you get compliant with the IRS. When you hire us, you are assured true Attorney-Client Privilege which extends further than the protections provided in section 7525 of the Internal Revenue Code for other federally-authorized tax practitioners.

Failure to File and Failure to Pay

The two common IRS penalties are failure to file and failure to pay. Not only are you assessed penalties, but you are also assessed interest which continues to accrue. What usually starts off as a small dollar amount can blossom exponentially if not addressed properly and promptly.  We are here to help. 

Common Scenario

The individual or small business brings in a nice, steady income for several years. One year the income drops, but the expenses remain the same. Tax day comes and there is just no money allocated to pay taxes. With no money to pay the income tax debt, the panicked taxpayer decides not to file an income tax return at all. The panicked taxpayer expects the IRS to come knocking immediately. One year, two years, three years go by and the IRS still has not come knocking. However, one day, the dreaded IRS letter comes. The taxpayer is shocked to learn that the small amount of taxes originally owed has now skyrocketed. The taxpayer calls the IRS and ends up with nothing more than frustration.

Who to Call

Call us.  We are here to help. As tax professionals, we deal with the IRS every day.

We negotiate with the IRS and state taxing authorities on your behalf and have several remedies

available depending on each taxpayer’s individual circumstances. 

We will work with your own individual C.P.A. or we can utilize one of the many C.P.A.’s we have

experience working with to make sure your tax returns are properly prepared and filed.

Liens and Levies

IRS Liens and Levies can ruin lives. High-Level security clearances can get revoked. Taxpayers working in the financial industry can have licenses affected. Refinancing or selling a home can be interrupted. Do not hesitate to call us today. We are here to help. Let us resolve your IRS and state income tax issues.