6 Myths About Tax Professionals

Author: Tax Resolution Attorney Gwin, PLLC |

6 Myths About Tax Professionals

Myth #1: All tax professionals have basically the same training. The Truth: Not all tax professionals have the same training. A Tax Resolution Specialist, for example, undergoes rigorous comprehensive training and participates in annual continuing education courses specifically dealing with IRS problems. They have access to up-to-date material on an ongoing basis.  

Myth #2: All attorneys and accountants have experience with the IRS.  The Truth: Only a small percentage of lawyers and accountants have any experience in dealing with the IRS. Some attorneys simply prepare documents and many accountants deal only with accounting matters.  

Myth #3: Former IRS employees have special connections that give them an inside edge that other tax professionals do not have.
The Truth: All IRS problems are resolved based on the facts of the case, the applicable law, and the skill of the Tax Resolution Professional.  Personal connections simply do not come into play.  

Myth #4: The large national tax resolution firms have an advantage over a local Tax Resolution Professional.  The Truth: National firms have no advantage over local Tax Resolution Professionals and often are at a disadvantage. A local Tax Resolution Professional is in a unique position of understanding not only the local economy but also any other issues that may affect taxpayers living in his/her area. 

Myth #5: Tax professionals listed on Internet directories are carefully screened for qualifications. The Truth: Most Internet directories are nothing more than another advertising media. Sometimes, the only qualification required in order to be listed is the ability
to pay big bucks for an “exclusive listing.”

Myth #6: A tax professional who can guarantee results must be better than those who do not guarantee results.  The Truth: No legitimate Tax Resolution Professional can guarantee results. It is the IRS who ultimately decides the outcome of your case. It is only by choosing a skilled and experienced Tax Resolution Professional that you can enhance your chances of a positive result.